• The The Data Systems In Aerospace (DASIA) conference will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, from May 10th, to May 12th 2016. The Data Systems In Aerospace (DASIA) conference has been organised by EUROSPACE (eurospace.org) since 1996 in coordination with ESA and CNES . DASIA covers a wide spectrum of topics for data systems for Aerospace, but also for other domains with similar requirements for high reliability and complexity.

    Additional information: http://eurospace.org/dasia-conference.aspx

  • Euronews found Tallinn University of Technology student satellite programme one of a kind in the world and covered it it under Space Program news section.
    TUT-Mektory Nanosatellite Programme is an educational programme to be carried out together with local industrial and scientific partners, which is oriented to provide practical experience of space technology development. There currently ca 40 students from 10 different nations and 15 academic supervisors involved with the programme.
    From left: Tashi Dolma Gyeltshen (Masters student of Mechatronics); Lauri Kollo (laboratory manager), Casimir Reuterskiold (camera operator) and news producer Claudio Rosmino. Image: TTU

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  • Mihkel Kama is a scientist in Leiden Observatory in The Netherlands. He is one of the few Estonian astronomers, if not the only one, to have done research using the world-class ALMA telescope in Chile. The demand for this telescope is so high that only 20% of scientists' requests are fulfilled. Although Mihkel's next job will probably not be in Estonia, he has said that he wants to keep in touch with Estonia and help further the development of local astronomy and cosmology.