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Cultural Events in 2016

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2016 is the Year of Maritime Culture

Maritime culture begins at the edge of the sea. With people who value the coastal region as an environment belonging to them. With people for whom the sea provides livelihood, food, as well as pleasure. The Estonian coastline made us a people of the sea centuries ago, who, in terms of their maritime skills, where just as mighty as the Vikings. But the flow of time has run its own course and many maritime traditions have disappeared. The Year of Maritime Culture provides a reason to turn to the sea once again and ask – are we just a nation by the sea or a sea nation?

Combining the various aspects of culture, this year's theme brings together all manner of events that highlight the importance of sea culture and those that will carry us forward from here: concerts, conferences, debates, festivals, competitions, workshops, and much more.

You can keep up to date with all the upcoming events at the 2016 Year of Maritime Culture's homepage http://merekultuur.ee/?lang=en

In 2016, a major event in the cultural history of Estonia will be the opening of the new building of the Estonian National Museum in Tartu: http://www.erm.ee


A selection of culture events and festivals in Estonia in 2016: 

27.01-31.01                 Documentary film festival DocPoint

29.01-06.02                 Music Festival Mustonenfest

28.03-03.04                 Tallinn Music Week

07.04-15. 04                Estonian Music Days

22.04-01.05                 Music Festival Jazzkaar

05.05-08.05                 Jõhvi Ballet Festival

04.05-07.05                 Tartu Internationaly Literary Festival Prima Vista

25.05-29.05                 Literary Festival HeadRead

29.06-03.07                 Music Festival Juu Jääb

17.06-23.06                 Suure-Jaani Music Festival

17.06-19.06                 Sõru Jazz        Festival

06.07-10.07                 Võru Folklore Festival

11.07-24.07                 Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropological Film Festival

07.07-13.07                 Music Festival Klaaspärlimäng

11.07-17.07                 Pärnu Music Festival and Järvi Akadeemia

25.07-31.07                 Saaremaa Opera Festival

28.07-31.07                 Viljandi Folk Music Festival

Summer 2016              Nargen Festival

12.08-14.08                 Music Festival Viru Folk

13.08-21.08                 Birgitta Festival

21.09-25.09                 Matsalu Nature Film Festival

September  2016          Design Festival / Design Night Festival

September 2016           Theatre Festival Draama

November 2016            Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


The webpage Estonian Music Festivals provides a complete overview of music festivals occurring in Estonia http://www.festivals.ee/?s=44

The cultural calendar kultuur.info gives an overview of events happening in Estonia, as well as Estonian events abroad: http://www.culture.ee/en/