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Daily Dozen with New York-based Estonian artist Jaanika Peerna


On the occasion of the April 15th opening of Jaanika Peerna's first solo exhibition in Espoo, Finland, online magazine (Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian art territory) interviewed Estonian-born, New York-based artist Jaanika Peerna, who is currently spending a year in Berlin.

Free and secure internet – can it be achieved?


A part of the preparations for the Freedom Online Coalition’s conference “Free and Secure Internet for All” – which will take place during the Estonian ICT Week – is a document that focuses on one central question: how to enforce and ensure the promise of a free and secure internet for all.

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Quick facts

Capital Tallinn
Language Estonian
Area 45,228 km2
Population 1,340,415
Currency EUR
Time zone UTC+2
Drives on the right
Internet .ee
Calling code 372
EU member 1 May 2004

Toomas Hendrik Ilves
President of Estonia

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